Rob King Jr

Rob King has been a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine since 2012. With over 10 years of professional training experience, Rob has acquired both practical and hands-on knowledge with various training instruction, certification, styles and modalities. Possessing specialized certifications in modalities such as USA Weightlifting, Kettlebells, TRX, barbell methodology and cardiorespiratory conditioning to name a few, Rob believes a multifaceted approach to training is the most ideal for today’s client.

Over the past few years, Rob has developed and pursued a passion in functional movement and exercise. Our “Trust the Program” mantra is founded in this idea to maximize both the needs in combination with the goals of every client and lead them on a path for their individualized success. Utilizing the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) as well as other corrective exercise modalities, Rob has a tremendous wealth of training experience with a variety of clients who are in need of rehabilitative exercise. From the post rehab and chiropractic clients; who look to re-learn proper movement, injury prevention and practice safe, effective training post injury; to the more seasoned or elder clients who seek to maintain safe/proper movement for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Although Rob has 10 + years professional training experience, he has over 20 years of life experience in the physical fitness, strength and conditioning field. As a former collegiate athlete, Rob has used that experience to coach youth athletes at various level and various sports. Rob believes that appropriate youth training should focus not solely on strength but rather appropriate technique, motor learning/control, and muscle recruitment/engagement. Strength for youth athletes will develop safer and more naturally as proficiency in these areas are learned and developed.

Spectrum Elite Strength and Conditioning is the result of our shared vision where EDUCATION is the emphasis. Regardless of age, ability, condition, experience, health, or overall fitness, Rob and Travis work with all of our clients to “re-introduce you to you”. That means the development of proper movement, movement mechanics, and exercise technique. With that comes safe, proper and effective exercise with the appropriate intensity for your level of fitness. SESC is a facility where all clients, at all levels, ARE athletes and we work tirelessly together with you in order to maximize your training!

Travis Williams

Travis Williams holds a Master’s Degree in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention. A Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and he is also professionally licensed in Massage Therapy and Body Work. Travis is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with numerous other certifications in kettlebells, barbell, and training methodology as well as system/program designing.

Always continuing and wanting to achieve a goal, Travis tested both his physical and mental limits he became a SWCC Operator for the US Navy. During his time in the US Navy and being 8 plus year veteran of the NSW, Travis honed his success and skills including what it takes to plan, commit, and conquer. Throughout his accomplished military life, he developed and implemented the “Train with Purpose” mentality. Not always “having the time” or “gym equipment” he prioritized keeping the body ready… no excuses. His dedication to his craft and his numerous years of both life and professional experience is evident in the custom-made programs that he develops for his clients and the relentless yet humble attitude that he possesses. Travis has trained with other elite government agencies and specialists who demand the highest level of physical fitness and readiness not only to execute any task but also ensure maximal performance and safety in their life-threatening jobs.


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