Spectrum Elite Gym.

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700 US HWY 1N STE 500
Youngsville, NC 27596

Phone: 919.554.9756
Email: info@spectrumelitesc.com

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Yes, whether for one on one coaching or self-paced training session, the gym is yours.

Monday through Friday 0500-2000, Saturday 0700-1000, Sunday’s closed.

Absolutely, highly encouraged, however at SESC you are always in view of a coach’s eye.

Unfortunately no, our future goal is to be able to expand in order to meet that demand.  We do offer kids 13 and up one on one and group coaching.

To cancel a membership you must email a 30 day notice.

We encourage to share your experience and new knowledge to family and friends. We do offer discounted rates for family a ad on.