Custom Programming

Train as there are no shortcuts or quick fixes in life. This is functional fitness at its finest, targeting capacities of each performance/ functional component and structured to your level: movement, strength, power, agility, aerobic, range of motion and stability. We embrace science and results based training that will keep you performing and injury free. We design programs for purpose… to attain results and reach goals.

Tailored Nutrition

The body and the goal for that body requires fuel. Learn what, why and when to best fuel the body to achieve the desired outcome. These programs use precise scientific formulas to drive changes.

One-on-One Coaching

Our expert trainers are highly skilled in coaching clients and successfully cultivating each member’s understanding of the physiological drivers that affect performance, exercise and recovery. The emphases are the importance of applying proper movement, adequate sleep, full breathing, and sound nutrition as the foundation for optimal health and performance. You will learn the true meaning of “training session.”


Yes, whether for one on one coaching or self-paced training session, the gym is yours.

Monday through Friday 0500-2000, Saturday 0700-1000, Sunday’s closed.

Absolutely, highly encouraged, however at SESC you are always in view of a coach’s eye.

Unfortunately no, our future goal is to be able to expand in order to meet that demand.  We do offer kids 13 and up one on one and group coaching.

To cancel a membership you must email a 30 day notice.

We encourage to share your experience and new knowledge to family and friends. We do offer discounted rates for family a ad on.


Base Membership (BM)

  • Open Gym
  • SE Group Training

Elite Membership (EM)

  • Open Gym
  • Monthly Template or 12 Week Personalized Plan
  • SE Group Training
  • 15% discount on training packages, massage & bodywork
  • 50% off Kinesio taping, free body composition and movement screens
  • 5 Free educational/instructional movement sessions

Day Pass

  • Open Gym
  • SE Group Training

One on One coaching upon request. Please speak with a coach for pricing.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals